Open Call for Writing Submissions!

Publish Your Story in "We Remember What We Ate" - an exciting new 

Blog to Book project.

"We Remember What We Ate"|blog

publishes real life Food Memories every week from a broad and diverse group of people.

200 Food Memories submitted to the Blog will be selected for book publication ... and the Blog will continue.

Do you want to join in?

Do you have a memory that has always stayed with you and that somehow involves food?

Was it a home cooked meal, a walk to your favorite street vendor or sharing a candy bar with a friend? 

Whether it was because of the taste of the food itself, the kind of day you were having or the people you were with, some memories never leave you.

Now you can share yours.

Write your memory down and send it to

The "Submissions" page will give you more information.

*Everyone is Welcome to submit a story-you do not have to be a 'writer', you just need a memory to share. We want to hear from people of all backgrounds and life situations. 



"We remember what we ate", is a gathering of true stories from a diverse tapestry of voices, inviting us inside, to celebrate the individual, love, sustenance,

resilience, humanity and food's place in it all. 

Why this 'Blog to Book' project

In the midst of socio-political divide, misunderstandings and separation, we need to come together and find connection. We need to cherish our uniqueness and our commonalities. The moment we are able to see the beauty in a different perspective is the moment we become compassionate and connected.  

"We remember what we ate" will provide the space where the connective power of story telling will bring us together to recognize and celebrate our shared humanity; where each voice is heard and shares equal worth.

Get Involved

Ready to share your story?


Please go to our "submissions" page and find out how!

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