Hi everyone! I am Katey Furgason, 'story gatherer' for the project: "We remember what we ate": a diverse and inclusive collection of memories involving food. I see this project as a tapestry of voices, each story contributing to the beauty and cohesiveness of the whole. I hope you will join in and become a part of it.

A little bit about me:

I was born and raised just outside of New York City. I moved to Brooklyn, NY when I was 17, got a job as a waitress and began studying Art and Philosophy at Hunter College in Manhattan.

Living in NYC and studying at Hunter College opened my eyes and heart to the great advantages of multiculturalism. I discovered the beauty and expansiveness in living, working and studying with people from varying cultures, viewpoints and life experiences. Our differences are fascinating and our core similarities are always there...through this lens we find connection and ourselves. 

Studying Philosophy and Art exposed me to a wealth of ideas, questions, possibilities, and methods of expressions, that helped me begin to grow as a person and an artist.   

At the age of 25 I moved to Santa Fe, NM...I wanted big sky and vast landscape. For the past 28 years I have continuously made paintings and sculptures, freelanced as a faux finish painter, raised my daughter, married, and kept my mind busy studying, working, and seeking new modes of expression and ventures.

The gathering of food memories for "We remember what we ate" is a long brewing venture rooted in the joy of seeing and celebrating human connection. We need venues that bring us together. Stories/memories shared, using food as its theme, combines the connective force of story telling and our deeply ingrained relationship with food. 

Food memories are a big part of our life narratives: they give us clues into who we are, where we came from and how we view love and community.

When we write and share our own memory, and listen to the memories shared by others, we are looking deeper and understanding more...about ourselves and others.  We find connection in recognizing the similarities and diversities of voices within our shared humanity. There is no single story that describes 'us' but a multitude of stories, all worthy of writing and hearing...all bringing to the table a certain spice, uniqueness and viewpoint. This gathered multitude of stories become a tapestry of human connection. 

Thank you    









Places I have shown my artwork, condensed list:

Galleries: Wexler Gallery, Phila PA, Saunders Gallery in Columbia SC, Cruz Gallery SF NM, Jean-Jaques Gallery SF, NM, Industri Gallery SF, NM.  Museums: Harwood Museum, Taos NM. Fechin Museum of Taos, Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama.

Most recently I showed work in my and my husband's Mobile Art Gallery:

Flux Mobile of Santa Fe 




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