We are so happy you decided to share your memory!

All 'moods' are welcome: funny, bittersweet, joyful, serious or strange, what matters most is that it is important to you and that you want to share it.

Length of Story: 1 page up to as many you need, single sided 

Formats Accepted:


type written: send to our email: werememberwhatweate@yahoo.com

handwritten: send to our to our P.O. Box: #214, Rowe, NM 87562 c/o K.Furgason

audio: send to our email: werememberwhatweate@yahoo.com

deadline: rolling

General Guide:

The goal and essence of this story gathering is to be a union of multi-cultural voices, to be a place where we can 'see' each other.

Please include your name (first name only is fine), age, and general background, (i.e. I am John, 45, I was born and raised in Queens NY. I am second generation Italian), at the beginning or end of your story. Please feel free to add as many details about who you are, what you do, who you live with, and so on, in the body of your story.

Handwritten stories are welcome! Your unique handwriting makes it more personal for both you and the reader. Feel free to be creative; include or attach doodles/drawings, write your story in a particular shape or form (i.e. if it's about the time you ate a doughnut with your dad the story could be in the shape of a doughnut).

The goal is to have 'You' and the essence of your story come through those pages.

Poems are welcomed too and in any style you choose:                                             free form (up to you), formal (haiku, sonnet), spoken word poetry (slam style).

Send along photos that you think go with your story (copies only as we won't be able to return originals).

*Most of all ENJOY writing your story, adding details and personal touches, and sharing it!*









[In submitting your story you are giving express consent to have it published and lightly edited (you will be contacted before publishing if any changes are made to your story- we want you to be happy) on this site and in the book; "We remember what we ate", with the understanding that there will be no forthcoming royalties. We will NOT have exclusive rights to your story outside of it's inclusion in this collection.




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