A new Blog to Book project: where people are sharing unforgettable 'food' moments!

Updated: May 30

"We remember what we ate" is a new a blog posting non-fiction food related stories written by a vast array of people. 200 of these stories will be published in a book at a later date (TBA). Have a memory about food? Write it down and email it to me!

Me, Katey Furgason, a believer in entrepreneurial pursuits, multiculturalism and the connective powers of story telling.

This blog is posted every Sunday, featuring a new voice, each with a unique flavor, raw and unedited. Reading these stories is liberating, edifying and satisfying...they allow you into an intimate field of well kept memories.

Dates: Posted every Sunday starting March 1st,2020

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We remember what we ate is a labor of love, a community of connection and a start-up that will be turned into a book. Join in! Be part of this community of writers, both professional and new to story writing. And, stay tuned for new weekly additions of our writers' heartfelt works!


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