Today's story is about 'tasting' suffering, silence and survival

Updated: May 4

Brown Bag Lunches

by Jimmy Murdoch

And for others this would be their last meal in peace.

It's amazing how peanut butter can taste like government sandwiches

And how blood can taste like handcuffs

And dry tears can taste like a reverse cocktail party,

Or shout out holding a mouth hostage

To pour up a puddle of drowned sorrows

Into the back of a cop car.

The future can taste so far away

Funerals taste like birthday cakes

Eclair coffins with sugar flowers,

buried beneath chocolate

Taste like I been eating this way too long..So I just eat my tongue

And suffer in silence And THAT..tastes like survival

Jimmy Murdoch is a student of the non-profit South Florida writing program Exchange for Change. Exchange for Change teaches writing in prisons and facilitates letter exchanges between incarcerated students and writers on the outside. Take a minute and discover the greatly needed, socially conscious, and productive work Exchange for Change is doing:

"We Remember What We Ate" is an ongoing, and growing, project whose purpose is to weave together diverse voices into one unifying and equalizing give us All a platform to share a meaningful memory, to give voice to the voiceless, to participate in dissolving dehumanizing stereotypes and to foster connection through the ancient art of story telling and our shared connection to food.

I would like to send out a huge Thank You to Kathie Klarreich, Executive Director of "Exchange for Change" for choosing to share this project with "Exchange for Change" students and to Jimmy Murdoch for his poem...and to all the writers and stories to come; we look forward to hearing your voices!


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